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Expected arrival in Fram in the morning. Visit the oldest yet operating Fram oil mills in Europe. Guided tour of the oil mill and tasting and optionally purchase different types of oil.

Then we go on a tour of the beautifully restored lowland castle with a park. The story of the first Slovenian historical novel took place in the castle. In the national team’s White Hall, we find out why Josip Jurčič decided for the first Slovenian historical novel right here. In the chapel of the castle due to the excellent acoustics, it can also sing something. In the basement the castle is an opportunity to see the largest private ethnographic collection in Slovenia. Later, you can afford to rest with ice cream that far around famous as the best.

In our place on Zg. Polskavi is an opportunity to visit the Church of Mary of the Assumption and as a curiosity we have around the church a cemetery which is the only one in Slovenia that has a grilled wall with panels on which are pictures and inscriptions of the fallen in the Isonzo Front.

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The Bistriški Vintgar Gorge

Only 6 km from our guesthouse, it will charm you with its natural beauty. You get to see the 13-meter high waterfall Šum and pass the late-antique fort from the 4th century where you can see the bronze Apollo statue. You will be able to walk by many mills and sawmills, and see the famous Marolt fir tree with the girth of 605 cm. The path is diverse and worthy of your visit.


Botanical Garden TAL 2000

This is a private botanical garden, where you can find the biggest collection of waterside and aquatic plants in Slovenia, a collection of poisonous plants and a small collection of minerals.


Ptujska gora

Ptujska Gora is known as the most famous pilgrimage path in Slovenia and lies only 12 km from our guesthouse. It opens beautiful views in all directions. The most special sight of Ptujska Gora is a gothic church, seen from far away.



Lake Črno Jezero (Black Lake)

It is situated on the forest ridge in Pohorje between Osankarica and Trije Kralji, 1197 meters high. The lake is artificially made. The water is clean, but because of organic waste accumulated at its bottom, it looks like it were filled with black ink. Črno Jezero is popular hiking destination, which you can also reach by bike and then follow the path towards Osankarica and explore the rest of Pohorje.

Regional Park Rački Ribniki

Regional Park Rački Ribniki – Požeg lies in the west part of Dravsko polje (Drava Field), almost under Pohorje. It is a bigger complex of condensed mixed forest, where you can discover quite some places with stagnant water. The area is protected since 1992 as a regional park, due to incredible natural heritage, represented by wet areas with many rare, endangered animal and plant species. The park with its 484 hectares belongs to biggest lowland parks in Slovenia. The woods in the park occupy 343 hectares, stagnant water 76 hectares, the rest of space is taken by swampy meadows.

Source: Wiki


Pivola Botanical Garden

This botanical garden belongs to the University of Maribor and it is a place for relaxation, socialising, learning and discovering the nature. You can numerous autochthon and other foreign types of trees, bushes and flowers.


Rače Castle

Rače Castle is an example of lowland, island castle, a mansion, which is additionally protected with high defensive structure. The castle was first mentioned in 1403 and later rebuilt between 1528 and 1533 by Gregor Regall from Ptuj.




Olympic Shooting Range

Shooting Range Gaj is one of the most modern shooting ranges in Europe. It holds 15 ha of fenced area, seven shooting points, a multifunctional building with a restaurant that can host up to 800 people and a sport shop.


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Slovenska Bistrica municipality is rich with natural and cultural heritage, diverse geographical features, successful rural development, cultural and ethnological events, attractive location and it is easily reachable.

Untouched nature, clear waters and clean air attract hikers the most to visit this place. This supports the long tradition of hiking and trekking in this area and it has developed a great pleasure and become regular recreation for many members of alpine clubs in Slovenska Bistrica and Zgornja Polskava. Here you can also find sports and recreational hiking trails, themed tourist routes (e.g. pilgrim routes and wine roads) and natural science educational trails (e.g. forest trails).

Sources: Turistično društvo Viničar in TIC Slovenska Bistrica